Meet our people


Name: Mickie

Job Title: Director

Why I enjoy Clubhouse: I like working in a dynamic environment, the friendly and supportive culture of Clubhouse is really unique. Working hand in hand with the people is what I like to do the most and that is what the Clubhouse is all about. And the diverse environment just makes everyday different and a lot of fun.

About me: I am a Filipino and I am a nurse in my country. I worked as Support Worker for Autistic children before I came to Clubhouse.


Name: Nadia

Job Title: Mental Health Support Worker

Why I enjoy Clubhouse: I enjoy working at Clubhouse as every day is never the same.

About Me: I studied at Manukau Institute of Technology in Mental Health and Addiction support work.  Clubhouse was my placement that I started in November 2015.  A job became available in March 2016, while I was on placement and I was lucky enough to keep studing while working a full time job.  I graduated in August 2016.


Name: Jayde

Job Title: Mental Health Support Worker

Why I enjoy Clubhouse: I love building relationships with and learning so much from the diverse range of people that visit each day. 

About me: Before starting my work at Clubhouse, I studied Psychology at the University of Auckland. My ultimate goal is to become a Clinical Psychologist.


Name: Mark

Job Title: Mental Health Support Worker

Why I enjoy Clubhouse: I like working at the Clubhouse as you always meet different people and the challenges everyday is different. All the members are really helpful and are always there to give a helping hand.

 About me: I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and my previous work experience was looking after young adult with Physical and Intellectual Disability.


Name: Claire Huggins

What I do at Clubhouse: Driving, food preparation in the kitchen, reception, tours and orientations, emails, opening and locking-up, website maintenance, Chatters, food shopping, help with Social Recreation trips.

About ME: I  am a girl and I enjoy doing girly things and help people. When in need I would drive people to places and take them home.


Name: Indianapesa McCarthy

What do I do at Clubhouse: I love to help out in the kitchen, like baking, cleaning up and washing the dishes or pretty much anything that needs help with. I also do the facebook posts on our Clubhouse page.

About Me: I love music and photography. I like to create music videos out of the photos I have taken. I will soon post some of it on our facebook page.

Our Mission

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for people experiencing mental health challenges through community based support. The Trust is a vehicle to improve the quality of life of people.


Story Snippets

Firstly, I'm thrilled to be working the mental health field, but more specifically for  Arahura.  Mostly because I can use my life experience of living with a mental illness.  This means I am valued for my experience in the same way someone may be valued for their study in their field.


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