Charles' Story

 Recovery by Charles


When I first came into the care of Arahura Trust I was unwell and couldn’t concentrate properly, not knowing that I had been suffering from this mental Illness I use to think that I was being pursued by some kind of Powerful American Empire. I have this mental illness called Paranoid Schizophrenia and I use to think that people are stalking me and trying to attack me I knew that I wasn’t 100% ok and felt quite unstable at the time. I felt lost and lonely at the time, didn’t know what to expect.I was offered a residential support option , and they invited me into my new home at Arahura Trust where I have been for just over 2 years working on my recovery goals. I have been studying also during my time here, I had done a Certificate in Retail and Business last year in  which I  graduated and this year I am currently studying a Diploma in Business level 5 which is a great thing for me as it could bring me many and new and exciting opportunities. Next year I am hoping to do a Degree in Business Management (Applied Communications). So I can go out there and try to achieve some kind of major Success.

Also while I’ve been here I have given up  marijuana and I have been off it since November last year 2011 which is a really good achievement for me because I have now realised ‘that it was one of the main causes of my mental illness that I have been diagnosed with. And I have also known that ever since I gave up that drug I have been becoming more and more well each day that goes by and that my mental illness started to ease off and gradually go away.

(Charles is now looking for a suitable flat with some friends to continue his journey)

Our Mission

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for people experiencing mental health challenges through community based support. The Trust is a vehicle to improve the quality of life of people.


Story Snippets

Firstly, I'm thrilled to be working the mental health field, but more specifically for  Arahura.  Mostly because I can use my life experience of living with a mental illness.  This means I am valued for my experience in the same way someone may be valued for their study in their field.


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